King Nagarjuna Says No Acting!

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Silver Screen Boss King Nagarjuna is getting ready to host 3rd season Bigg Boss Telugu and the show is going to start on 21st of July. In the latest promo of Bigg Boss Seson 3 Telugu, King Nag again mesmerizes with his look and dialogues.


As usual, Nag steels the hearts of youngsters with this promo. He said that there is no acting in Bigg House as the contestants has no chance of acting and they have to live like real life only.


After watching the latest promo, many of King’s fans are expressing their happiness towards Nag’s attitude and his way of promoting the show. However, haters have already started trolling against King Nag.


We have witnessed lots of acting skills by housemates and some times it has turned like disgusting too. So, we have to wait and watch Nag’s Bigg Boss, whether the contestants do their style of acting or they show the natural life of themselves.

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