Regional Tensions, Because Of iSmart Shankar?

By - July 13, 2019 - 07:00 PM IST

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Sensational director Puri Jagannath’s next outing iSmart Shankar has already reached to its maximum level in terms of hype and expectations. However, after Puri Jagannath’s latest comment regarding ‘Telangana Slang’ is now making some tremors in Telugu states.

While speaking in a promotional event, Puri said that he has face strange dialogue from a Visakhapatnam based distributor about the Telangana slang. “The particular distributor said that he hasn’t understood the accent and he expressed some doubts about the flick” Puri said.

Many are saying that it is not new for Telugu audiences experiencing Telangana slang or other Telugu accents as they have been experiencing different accents since long time.

“Puri is trying for a controversy and that’s why he is talking about it” one of the common man expressed his view via social media. However, iSmart Shankar is a different film for Ram Pothineni as Pakka Hyderabadi gully boy.

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