iSmart Ram's Boothulu On iSmart Puri!

By - July 19, 2019 - 03:00 PM IST

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Can any hero use ‘boothulu’ on a director, who gave a hit for him? No, there is no chance for it. But, iSmart Hero Ram Pothineni is willing to use ‘Boothulu’ on iSmart Director Puri Jagannath for delivering a super hit with iSmart Shankar.

While praising his director, iSmart Ram has tweeted “Dear @purijagan garu.. Cinema nachithe pogudutham.. Nachakapothe boothulu thidatham.. Kaani, mimmalni maatram entandi “Boothulatho Pogadabhudhavuthundhi.. “  Thank you for all the love you’ve showered upon me..it truly reflected on screen!  #love - R.A.P.O #iSmartShankar”.

On the other hand he has also thanked his fans by re-tweeting old tweet of him and says “Kaani.. Chaladu.. Meeku Inka runapadu vunna – #Love RAPO”. His old tweet was “Annnnthaga satisfy cheyalekapoyina support chesi #HelloGuruPremaKosame cinema ni Hit chesina prathi okkariki .. especially na fans ki ?..eesaari vaddi tho paatu thirigichesta .. #Love -R.A.P.O  #RaPo17”.

However, Ram Pothineni is looking very happy for scoring a mass and iSmart hit with iSmart Shankar. So, we can expect Double iSmart as early as possible from iSmart Team.

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