King Nagarjuna Grand Entry in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu!

By - July 22, 2019 - 03:00 PM IST

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The Much awaited television mega reality Show ' Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3' has finally begun and aired on last Sunday. King Nag is recognized well as one of the four top Heroes of the yester year's Tollywood. Not just it, Maa TV has a special connection with actor cum business king Nagarjuna. 

As of it, Special weight is provided to the host. Nagarjuna found a superb glamour while hosting the show. The walk of Nag in the house is filled with beautiful girls. Comparing to last two seasons, this season has 'Manmadhudu' special glamour. At the Time of Entry, Nagarjuna revised the last two hosts saying NTR ' maa peddhabbai' and Nani ' Naa Gold, My Brother..'

All these words of Nagarjuna have surprised us very well. Coming to the Bigg Boss House, we have the same house in this season as well and is more beautiful and bright than the last two seasons with rearranged furniture and rooms. The whole episode has impressed the audience a lot. The Bigg Boss Opening Day crossed the imaginations. Nagarjuna quotes and Body Language has added more glamour to the show. Of course, he is Manmadhudu.

King Nag has created that feeling throughout the show. However, the show faced protests, and hurdles, it all got started. Now on, TV audience and Bigg Boss Lovers are going to get entertained. Weekends are going to be more fun.  Stay Tuned, Keep watching and follow 'Bigg Boss 3 Telugu'

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