Gang Leader Teaser: Story Of Pencil And His Gang!

By - July 24, 2019 - 12:00 PM IST

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Natural star Nani’s next outing Gang Leader is making huge vibes all because of the Natural Star and of course versatile director Vikram Kumar’s popularity is one of the big reasons for this much of hype.

Coming to the actual point, the teaser of Gang Leader has revealed just a while ago and as usual, it went viral within minutes of its release. Teaser was made with Nani’s style of entertainment and frustration. The teaser has lots of fun and frustration between Gang Leader and female Gang.

Nani’s character was revealed as Pencil aka Pencil Pardhasaradhi a Revenge Writer. The gang of five females has met the Pencil to fulfill their wish of revenge but, the ‘key’ villain in this story hasn’t revealed with the teaser.

Background score is excellent, the cinematography is perfect. What not, everything did well in the teaser. After watching the teaser, we can easily say that Nani is going to score another hit in his career as Gang Leader.

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