Big Fight Between Varun And Mahesh

By - July 26, 2019 - 05:00 PM IST

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Varun and Mahesh have exchanged ‘serious words’ and the topic went viral in social media. Here we are talking about Varun Sandesh and Mahesh Vitta. It is known that Varun and Mahesh are in Bigg House now and they are setting the Bigg Boss stage fire with a ‘big’ issue liked to another housemate Vithika Sheru.

Vithika Sheru, wife of actor Varun Sandesh has started an argument with Mahesh Vitta and she made serious allegations against the comedian. After Varun’s entry into the discussion, the temperature reaches its top level and the situation turned a little bit into the violent mode.

Though it is just a reality show, contestants have been fighting each other and it is all for the attention of viewers. On the other hand fans of these celebrities are taking these issues to another level via social media.

On the other hand, the issue will be continuing in today’s episode too. We have to wait for today’s show, whether the fight was completed or not.

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