Sri Reddy Says, She is The Boss!

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Sultry Sri Reddy, who has got huge attention from social media a couple of months with her semi-nude act, is making headlines again with Bigg Boss rumors. As per rumors, Sri Reddy is going to enter into Bigg House via wild card entry. However, Sri Reddy denies the rumors.

“I’m the boss to my fuckin life.. I dn need any artificial big boss top on me..” Sri Reddy has made it clear in her on style of ‘double meaning’ language.

Earlier, it was reported that Sri Reddy’s name is in consideration as a contestant, but it hasn't happened. If gossips are to be believed, the Bigg Boss team not even considered her as one of the contestants.

However, Sri Reddy has got many images to be popular with her bold acts and vulgar dialogues via social media. Still, Sri Reddy’s style of social media sensation is going on, but it is looking a little bit dull recent times.

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