Disgusting War Between Vijay And Ajith?

By - July 29, 2019 - 07:00 PM IST

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Tamil star heroes Ajith and Vijay are facing heat in social media, all because of their fans. Though Ajith and Vijay have no serious rifts between us, fans of Ajith and as well as fans of Vijay are slinging mud each other and of course, they are barking mercilessly.

It is known that fans of Ajith have started disgusting trolling against Vijay via social media and it hurts very badly to Vijay fans. However, fans of Ajith are making positive vibes all over by trending ‘Long Live Ajith’ hashtag.

On the other hand, it is learned that Ajith is not happy with his fans and he is planning to make a statement on this issue. Vijay and Ajith have a huge fan base in Tamilnadu and it is known to all. Ajith’s Ner Konda Parvai is getting ready to hit theaters soon. Vijay’s Bigil is also gearing for its release soon.

Not only in Tamil, but also in Tollywood fans war has become big nonsense between Telugu stars like Mahesh and Pawan, Pawan and Jr NTR, Pawan and Prabhas, Vijay Deverkonda and Mahesh.

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