Tamanna's Shock To Varun And Vithika

By - July 30, 2019 - 10:00 AM IST

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Big House contestants and real-life couple Varun Sandesh and Vithika Sheru are now facing serious troubles in Bigg Boss reality show, all because of wild card entry Tamanna Simhadri. Many are still in huge shock over Tamanna’s entry into the big house, because of the ‘gender’.

Though Bigg Boss host Akkineni Nagarjuna has already made it clear that there is no chance for gender, caste, color-based arguments, the discussion is making sensational vibes in social media in a massive manner.

On the other side of the coin, Tamanna is saying that she has the bigg target against Bigg couple Varun and Vithika. More interesting is, Tamanna already targets Varun and Vithika by nominating them yesterday.

It is known that Vithika has faced her first nomination in the first week itself and it is the second time for her to nominate for elimination. Many are expecting that Vithika may throw out from the show this weekend. Will the division of the vote between Varun and Vithika happen? We have to wait and see.

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