Ashu Reddy Trails To Get Pawan Fans Support

By - August 01, 2019 - 06:00 PM IST

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One of the social media beautiful blasts from the initial point is Samantha look-a-like 'Ashu Reddy' is now one of the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Contestants. She was popularised and well praised only for her resemblance to Samantha. It was 'once upon a time' talk as she now became little blubber with chubby cheeks and all which quite not making her look like Samantha resulting her followers themselves aren't in a mood to support her in the game. They even started trolling her. With all this fear and happening, Ashu Reddy Team is so curious to do their part in order to keep her strong and bring the maximum required votes throughout the game. 

As such, There was one incident happened a year back when Ashu tweeted her pic which has shown Pawan Kalyan name written on her body which was gone viral then with her comments supporting Pawan Kalyan ' Does the name tattooed here mean the relation between us? '. She even put a pic of her standing beside Pawan Kalyan. These two pics made PK fans go mad and good towards her. Now, in this crucial period, Ashu Reddy Team is so smart to bring back this issue and make Pawan fans think about Ashu Reddy in a Positive Way. Wait, Do PK fans vote anyway? Pawan Kalyan himself didn't win a place beside his unmatchable following. Let's see how that following would even help Ashu Reddy.

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