Karthikeya Shows The Real 'Guna' Angle!

By - August 01, 2019 - 09:00 AM IST

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Young hero Karthikeya, whose name went sensation with Rx100 is now getting ready to hit screens with Guna 369 tomorrow, is making headlines for an interesting reason. Though he has scored a sensational hit with Rx100, he is not showing the ‘attitude’, but he is showing respect towards the film industry.


“As an actor, I’ll do hard work but it is just 10 percent from my side, remaining 90 percent credit always goes to the entire team. Because more than 100 people will work hard for any film” the young actor said in his latest interview.


“As I’m a hero of the film, people will pour appreciations on me when I score success and its very common. But, the truth I realized is, the success share is equal to all” Karthikeya asserted.


What Karthikeya said is correct, but how many young actors speak like him? On the other hand, many are pouring negative comments on Karthikeya and they are pointing out Hippi’s failure.

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