Kajal's Fan Pays Rs 60 Lakh To Meet Her; Gets Cheated

By - August 03, 2019 - 03:30 PM IST

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A diehard fan of Kajal Aggarwal paid Rs 60 lakh for meeting her and gets cheated. This kind of news is something we come across very rarely. A person from Tamil Nadu, paid a heavy price to meet his favourite actress. A youngster from Ramananthapuram, was reportedly cheated by fraudsters who promised him that they would make it possible for him to meet Kajal.

Apparently, this youngster landed at a website that promised to arrange a meeting with Kajal Aggarwal and made this youngster pay Rs 50,000 initially, apart from giving his personal detailsEverything was going on well until this boy realised that he was being cheated. As he belonged to a well settled family, this boy did not have any problem in paying the money they were asking for.

In a few months, they have fleeced a lot of money and when he refused to meet their demands, they sent him morphed obscene pictures and threatened to leak them online. Unable to handle the embarrassment and mental agony, he left his house and revealed his ordeal after the police found him in Kolkata. The culprits were arrested based on his complaint and a film producer named Saravanakumar was taken into custody.

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