Sree Mukhi's Bigg Dangerous Game Plan!

By - August 08, 2019 - 02:30 PM IST

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Popular anchor Sree Mukhi is getting too much of negativity for her recent act in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu reality show. It is known that Sree Mukhi is one of the biggest contestants in Bigg House and she is also doing well all things in the house.

However, Sree Mukhi’s game plan is causing serious discussions all over and of course, many things about her are related to negativity dominating the positive angle of the Bigg contestant.

Coming to the actual point, in yesterday’s episode, Sree Mukhi made a serious mistake regarding the Bigg task. When she wants to break the glass box, she has to alert all the group members. But, she only takes precautions by covering her hands with a clot. Sree Mukhi has forced Ravi Krishna to put his hand in the broken glass box. Shockingly, without any covering his hands in the glass box and got injured.

This leads to massive tremors in the house as well as social media. With this episode, Sree Mukhi gets trolled mercilessly. “She has played a dangerous game and it is not at all correct” many are pouring their comments via social media.

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