These Two People Are Away From Controversies Since The Beginning

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Among all the fourteen contestants in the house, there are only two people who are keeping themselves away from unnecessary arguments, conversations and controversies in the house. It is none other than Baba Bhaskar Master an Ashu Reddy. These two have been genuine since the beginning and kind at heart.

They have their own way of living in the house, playing the game and own world to live. Baba master takes care of everyone and has been cooking, feeding others and has been making sure that he doesn’t hurt anyone or get into unnecessary conversations.

It has been the same case with Ashu Reddy too. She has been doing her work and is staying away from negativities and not spreading them on to others in the house.

Earlier, until a couple of episodes, even Himaja has been just like them. But after an issue with Ali, she has been highlighted too much by other housemates. Isn’t it?

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