Anasuya, Is It Possible For Everyone?

By - August 12, 2019 - 06:00 PM IST

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Small screen sensation Anasuya Bharadwaj is known not only for her hot appeal but also she has become popular with sensational comments. While speaking with scribes about her career and glamour, Anasuya said that age is just number and she further said that she is comfortable with glamour (exposing).

Age is no way linked with glamour and it is all about comfort and good looking, Anasuya said in her latest interview. “Those who haven’t deviate with his looks even a lady (except with his wife) stands nude in front of him, he is the real man,” Anasuya said. “I want to make my kids like above said perfect man” Anasuya cleared the air.

Is it possible for everyone? Many are pouring questions to Anasuya. Yes, Anasuya has her own ideology about glamour and exposing. On the other hand, everyone has an option to express their views. However, making abusive words against any women is not at all good.

On the work front, it is learned that Anasuya is getting ready for another flick, but this time she is going to do a full-length entertaining role.

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