Punarnavi Vs Sree Mukhi: Who Is The Best?

By - August 13, 2019 - 07:00 PM IST

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‘The Best’ may not be applicable for the reality shows like Bigg Boss, but here we are talking about ‘strongest’ in ‘best’ category. Coming to Bigg Boss 3 Telugu reality show, many are saying that Sree Mukhi and Punarnavi are the ‘top’ contenders from the female wing as they are playing the game with their respective strategies.

Though Punarnavi Bhupalam made her entry with a cool attitude, later on, she has started showing her real avatar to other contestants. On the other hand, Sree Mukhi’s energy levels are decreasing surprisingly when compared with 1st week with the present week.

However, after Nagarjuna’s support, Sree Mukhi has started exposing her real angles and she may give a big fight this week to other contestants. When it comes to social media following, Sree Mukhi and Punarnavi Bhupalam are looking equal as their fans and followers are busy with slinging mud on rivals.

In the meantime, nobody is estimating Vithika Sheru, Ashu Reddy and Himaja as dull candidates. Because they have such energy inside and they are waiting to show the real power in the right time.

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