Contestants In The Bigg Boss House Celebrate Independence Day

By - August 16, 2019 - 12:20 PM IST

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On the occasion of Independence Day, all the contestants of Bigg Boss have dolled up to celebrate the National festival in a grand manner. Dressed up accordingly, they all themselves have hosted an event and performed for skirts and dances.

Punarnavi, Mahesh Vitta, Ravi Krishna and Vithika have performed a skit together which was taken over by Varun Sandesh and others. They have even danced for some patriotic songs and had fun in the house. Well, this was an entertainment to all their fans and others audiences who were watching the TV. Keeping some personal issues aside, they all have come together to perform, as Sreemukhi hosted the event.

Meanwhile, gearing up for Friday, they all are set for the elimination for Sunday. Seven contestants are nominated for elimination this week and let’s see who will leave the house.

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