Rohini Gets Eliminated From Bigg Boss 3

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After all the speculations, finally, from the fourth round of eliminations, small screen actress Rohini has been eliminated from the house. Rumors were doing rounds that it was Rahul who gets eliminated this week. But proving all the rumors wrong, Rohini quits the show.

Rohini is one of the liveliest and sportive spirited contestants of the show. She is so loved by all of the films that all the other contestants have cried as she was eliminated from the show. From taking care of everyone to taking part in every single task and doing her job, Rohini has won the hearts of many audiences until now.

More than anyone else, it is Shiva Jyothi who couldn’t control her tears as Rohini was leaving the house. Looking at her bestie walking out of the house, Jyothi collapsed and has shattered. Like Sreemukhi said to Rohini, that she will be getting eliminated this week, it really happened and fans of Rohini are quite shocked.

Let us see what kind of the changes and twists will the game going take from now.

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