Bigg Boss Contestants Are On Fire

By - August 21, 2019 - 11:00 AM IST

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On Tuesday’s episode, Ali and Mahesh have had a big argument in the house over eliminations and issues in between them. Ali wanted to talk to Baba Bhasker about eliminations and the issues they had over it. While Ali was discussing it with Baba master, Mahesh interfered into their matter and has given some ideas to Baba master and this is something Ali did not like. He said, “Nuvvu pullalu pettaku” (don’t bring disputes). This is something that annoyed Mahesh a lot.

Mahesh has started shouting at Ali and Ali, not being so frequent with the language and has also started arguing with Mahesh and this went for a really long time. Ashu has tried to cool down Mahesh and took him out of the living room. Punarnavi, as usual, was doing back bitching about Mahesh in his absence and was trying to win his trust.

Finally, the heat came down as others have also interfered in this matter. 

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