Raj Tarun's Accident Case Takes A New Twist

By - August 22, 2019 - 05:54 PM IST

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A new twist has taken place in the accident case of Raj Tarun. As per the latest update, Karthik, a resident of Alkapuri Township has recorded a video of Raj Tarun as he comes out of the car after the accident, and while he ran away from the spot to not to get caught. 

This video is going viral on social media as news that Raj Tarun and two of his people have been calling Karthik and are threatening him that they would kill him if he doesn’t give away them the videos. Karthik has recorded this conversation on his phone and we can hear a woman talking to him and blackmailing him over the call. They have said that they would pay Karthik a worth of Rs 5 lakh if he deleted the video.

In the video, we can see that Karthik went behind Raj Tarun and asked him why is he running away after the accident and asked who is in the car. Raj Tarun claims that he doesn’t know anything and that it’s not his car. He says that he’s going to smoke and will be going back to his home after the smoke.

Whereas Karthik has said that everything has been recorded in the night vision cameras that have been fixed outside his house. It is said that then and there itself Karthik and Tarun have exchanged the phone numbers.

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