Sreemukhi Takes The Game Seriously, Keeps Friendship Aside

By - August 25, 2019 - 07:00 PM IST

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Looks like Sreemukhi has decided to keep friendships and emotions aside and begin taking the game of Bigg Boss seriously. On Saturday’s episode, the small screen diva was asked to choose who her friend, enemy and backstabber are and chose Vithika and Punarnavi as backstabbers. She chose Rahul as her friend.

Well, she mentioned that she has come to the show to play the game and irrespective of what happens, she said she will give 100 per cent to the show and the game. She looked pretty much confident and sure about what she has said.

It looks clear that she is going to give a very tough competition to all her fellow contestants. Since the beginning of the show, she has been very genuine and good with everyone in the house. Sreemukhi is having very less number of haters and people who create issues with her. Her fans are pretty much supporting her and looks like she is going to reach the top 5 contestants.

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