Bigg Boss: Sree Mukhi's Game Plan, Punarnavi Out.?

By - August 27, 2019 - 06:30 PM IST

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It seems lots of transformations in Bigg House as contestants are changing according to the ‘atmosphere’ between others. Though Sree Mukhi and Rahul Sipligunj are best friends in real life, the bond was broken all because of ‘Bigg Politics’.

However, Sree Mukhi finally has accepted apologies from Rahul and they are now supporting each other in Bigg House. On the other hand, the chemistry between Punarnavi and Rahul was broken all because of Sree Mukhi.

“Yes, it is because of Sree Mukhi’s politics and it is not god for her. She has lost her credibility in Bigg hOuse” one of the fans of Punarnavi has expressed his view on social media. On the other hand, “Rahul has turned as ‘Bakara’ for Sree Mukhi. He has to know that first” supporter of Rahul Sipligunj expressed his view.

“If Sree Mukhi and Rahul maintain the same relation for the next two to three weeks, it will become very tough for Punarnavi. She may evict from the house” many are expressing their analysis.

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