Bigg Fight Between Varun And Vithika!

By - September 04, 2019 - 12:00 PM IST

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The third season of Bigg Boss Reality show in Telugu has come with another loud episode as Bigg Boss has assigned a new task, in which contestants have divided into two groups and fighting each other. The thieves and city people concept makes the stage wild and contestants have quarreled each other.

In a shocking development, Varun Sandesh and his wife Vithika Sheru have fought with each other for a gun (dummy). While doing the task, Varun and Vithika have exchanged ‘war of words’ and it turned into the violent mode.

It is not new for the couple to quarrel each other, but this time it has caused physical violence too. Finally, it is just a game show and nothing ends as serious, but some times it will create huge tremors over contestants.

The task will continue today as it was not finished yesterday completely.

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