Varun, Sree Mukhi's New Target?

By - September 06, 2019 - 06:00 PM IST

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Bigg politics are creating serious vibrations between fans of contestants in social media and it is the actual target of the show. No contestant wants to fight with any other contestant because nobody loves the negativity of Bigg Boss followers.

Coming to the actual point, Sree Mukhi’s name is making hot vibes in social media as bigg and bad game planner. It is just a game and the shades may change according to the happenings in the Bigg house.

However, fans are taking some issues very serious and they are blaming some contestants like Sree Mukhi, Punarnavi and some others. It is known that in the recent episode, Sree Mukhi has shown double angle with Ali Reza and Varun Sandesh just within mater of minute’s difference.

The issue went viral on social media and all are mercilessly targeting Sree Mukhi. Many are saying that Sree Mukhi’s new target was fixed on Varun Sandesh. But, Sree Mukhi has great plans to win the game and she can turn any issue to any level.

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