It's No Honeymoon Here: Varun Sandesh To Vithika

By - September 06, 2019 - 10:30 AM IST

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After ‘Dongaludochina Nagaram’ task, it is seen that Vithika and Varun had a major outbreak of fight in and it went on happening throughout the task and also after it. We can see that at the end of the episode, Vithika was seen weeping sitting in one of the corners and Varun is seen telling Vithika, “We are not here for honeymoon. We are here to play the game. It is better you take thing sportively. I am here with you 24 *7 and how can you say that I don’t spend time with you?”

To this, Vithika replies, “I haven’t asked you to spend time with me. I just said that I want to talk to you. When I got hurt, everyone else was coming and talking to me, and not you.”

This argument went on for some time and Varun told Vithika, not to overthink for things that don’t exist at all. It is shown that the fight goes on to the next episode too.

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