Bigg Boss contestants have tough time as Baba Bhaskar becomes captain

By - September 08, 2019 - 08:05 PM IST

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Baba Bhaskar is definitely one of the main and strong contestants of Bigg Boss. He has been a jovial person who makes sure he makes everyone laugh in the house and is someone who is very sensitive as well. He makes sure he doesn’t hurt anyone as well.


Well, he is on cloud nine now as he is the captain of the house now. After becoming the captain of the ship now, Baba Bhaskar has set some rules in the house and looks like not everyone in the house is happy with those. Baba Bhaskar has come up with some rules like girls should not be wearing shorts in the house and no one should speak in English. He mentioned Punarnavi in particular and told her not to wear shorts.


He has assigned new duties to everyone and told that Sreemukhi is his personal assistant. Also, he told her that he doesn’t want to listen to her loud voice and that itself is a big task to Sreemukhi.

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