Sreemukhi Upset With Baba Master?

By - September 10, 2019 - 06:30 PM IST

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In the end of Monday’s episode, especially after the nomination task, it was seen that Sreemukhi was sitting alone and it is understood that she was thinking deep about something. Audience could easily understand that she was in a shock and it was revealed while she was talking to Himaja.

When Baba Bhasker has got the chance to save one contestant, all the audience, as well as contestants in the house thought that he would save Sreemukhi from elimination. But shockingly, it did not happen.

After this, Baba Bhasker went to Sreemukhi and asked whether she is fine and this spoiled things for them. Sreemukhi, who didn’t feel anything bad till then, started feeling upset for what has happened. “I have travelled with him till now and journey has been so emotional. So it is obvious that I expect Baba master to save me. I did not feel anything when he saved Ravi, but started feeling when he told me not to feel bad,’ said Sreemukhi to Himaja.

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