Gaddalakonda Ganesh, Double Power To Harish!

By - September 20, 2019 - 12:22 PM IST

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Though the title change has created tensions for director Harish Shankar, the mania doubles after the hiccup as the film is getting a double response even before its release.

It is known that Valmiki was changed as Gaddalakonda Ganesh due to unavoidable reasons. However, director Harish Shankar shocked to hear this. With lots of pain in his heart, he has announced the title change. “First time ever I’ve tasted failure as a human being” director Harish said with teary eyes.

On the other hand, not only Mega fans but also all cinema lovers are pouring sympathy on Gaddalakoda Ganesh aka Valmiki. Even after title change, movie lovers are treating it as Valmiki only. it is the biggest victory for Harish Shankar.

More interesting is, after the title change, movie lovers are flooding to the theaters on its first day. Trade pundits are eagerly observing the present situation. As per the latest expectations from trade pundits, the film may collect ‘biggest’ numbers on its first day.

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