90 ML Teaser: Diesel, Petrol and Liquor!

By - September 21, 2019 - 12:43 PM IST

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Mass, Oora Mass attitude of Karthikeya has made teaser something special and it is getting a good response. It is known that Karthikeya of RX100 fame is getting ready with his next outing 90 ML, which is being directed by Sekhar Reddy Yerra.

The teaser of 90 Ml has revealed just a while ago and it has got much craze even before its release all because of the content. As expected Karthikeya is looking with a liquor bottle and he is playing authorized drinker’s role.

“Diesel tho nadiche bandlanu choosuntav.. petrol tho nadiche bandlanu choosuntav.. idi liquor tho nadiche bandi.. gudhithe address vundadu” is one of the dialogue from 90 ML teaser and it is looking promising.

In another scene, senior actor Ali questions like “Daily Entha vesthav?” and “Pootaki 90 ML sir” Karthikeya answers. Again Ali questions “Ey quarter is the thagava?” and “Doctor 90 mathrame thagamannadu” Karthikeya Replies.

Neha Solanki is romancing Karthikeya in this flick.

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