Harish's Stunning Revelation About Varun Tej!

By - September 24, 2019 - 09:00 AM IST

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Mega Prince Varun Tej has scored a hit with his latest outing Gaddalakonda Ganesh aka Valmiki. The film has bagged almost 15 Cr share in just 3 days. As per trade expectations, Gaddalakonda Ganesh may reach 25 Cr easily.

Splendid performance from Varun Tej has made the film very special and it has many mass elements and for that reason, the film may settle in theaters for a couple of weeks with reasonable collections.

While speaking about his film, director Harish Shankar said that he is very happy with the result of Gaddalakonda Ganesh. “We’ve expected success. But, this much wave, I haven’t expected” Harish Shankar said.

More interesting is, Harish Shankar said that his Gaddalakonda Ganesh will direct a film in the future. “Yes, he has the command on cinema. I’ve witnessed Varun’s perception of the film” Harish Sankar revealed.

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