Himaja Gets Eliminated From Bigg Boss

By - September 23, 2019 - 10:42 AM IST

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On Sunday, as per what was already expected, Himaja has been eliminated from Bigg Boss. It was Himaja and Mahesh Vitta, who were left in the nominations after fake elimination of Rahul Sipligunj. This is definitely not a shock to the audience because news about her elimination has been doing rounds on the social media.

Himaja is definitely one of the strongest contestants in the house. She has played her game individually. But she was cunning and head weighted is what her fellow housemates and audience call. Himaja has taken part in all the tasks actively and always worked tough to keep up her self-esteem.

She has made some good friends in the house, as well as some enemies too. She also learnt some dance moves, cooking and a lot more is what Himaja herself has said.

On the whole, one more contestant from the house is evicted and the show goes on to the elimination of the next. It is yet to be known what Rahul has got to do.

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