These Contestants Get Nominated For Eliminations This Week

By - September 24, 2019 - 11:00 AM IST

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With each passing week, one contestant a week is getting eliminated from Bigg Boss house and this is making them much stronger and tougher to play. Also, on Monday, the nominations for the upcoming weekend of Bigg Boss have begun. Contestants were divided into twos and were asked to talk about why one feels that they are better as individuals and also why deserve to be in the house. This was such an interesting task to watch and listen because the contestants started talking about the truth and what they feel about each other.

So finally, by the end of the task, it is Varun Sandesh, Sreemukhi, Baba Master and Ravi Krishna, who are nominated for the eliminations this week. There are many social media platforms which are updating the audience about the show and the contestants, it is said that Ravi might get eliminated from the house. Well, we can’t say anything until our host Nagarjuna Akkineni declares.

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