Bigg Fight Between Rahul And Varun!

By - September 25, 2019 - 11:30 AM IST

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A Bigg friend becomes bigg enemies in the Bigg house. All because of the task designed by Bigg Boss. The latest rift between Rahul and Varun is creating tremors all over. In social media fans of Varun and Rahul have started slinging ‘mud’ on each other.

We are going to witness the full fight in today’s episode. But, the promos have already created much tension atmosphere among followers of Rahul and Varun Sandesh. It is known that Varun and Rahul are very good friends.

Even though Varun have shown his pain when Rahul was eliminated from the house (fake elimination), when it comes to the task, there is no chance for friendship and it was proved again in the Bigg House.

More interesting is, Varun himself entered into the nominations for elimination. So, it is just a fabricated issue and it was designed by Bigg Boss for the sake of attracting audiences.

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