Ali Reza, Paid Artist Of Bigg Boss3?

By - September 27, 2019 - 12:30 PM IST

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Not only Ali Reza, but every contestant in the Bigg House is also a paid artist and there is no doubt in it. Bigg Host Nagarjuna also has bagged plenty of money in terms of remuneration and there nothing to say it is wrong.

However, followers of Bigg Boss are making serious allegations on Ali Reza, who made re-entry into the Bigg House as wild card entry all of sudden. “They spent lots of money on me,” Ali Reza said with contestants and it is making tremors all over.

Though Ali Reza said about the dance and ‘high voltage intro’, Bigg Boss viewers have sounded it in a negative way. It is known that Ali Reza has big background and it helps him lot for Bigg Boss, many are commenting.

On the other hand, Ali Reza may again be going to be eliminated in just one or two weeks and this was the real agreement, one of the Bigg Boss viewers expressed his view via social media.

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