Nag Shocks Varun, Vithika Stunned!

By - September 28, 2019 - 05:09 PM IST

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King Nagarjuna took ‘bigg’ class to Varun Sandesh regarding the ‘fight’ in the Bigg House. Though Rahul and Varun are good friends in Bigg House, one of the tasks designed Bigg Boss has created rifts between them.

However, Nag has made it clear that the mistake was done by Varun as he has pointed out Rahul’s behavior. Not only on Varun, but also Nag fires on Varun's wife Vithika. 'You are the only tension for Varun' Nag says with Vithika. Varun has made serious allegations against Rahul by digging past issues, which were happened in Bigg House since the starting of the season.

Finally it is game and we can’t say the issue was simple only after watching the promo. Just within couple of hours, weekend episode is going to start. So, we have to wait for King Nag’s complete ‘class’ regarding the issue.

On the other hand, many are saying as Ravi Krishna may chance of elimination from the house this week.

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