Baba Bhaskar And Vithika Asked To Eat Green Chillies

By - October 04, 2019 - 08:00 AM IST

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Finally, after a tough fight, contestants Baba Bhaskar and Vithika Sheru have reached the final level to win the Bigg Boss Medal. These two have fought a lot with the rest of their contestants to reach what they are. In the latest promo of the episode, which will be telecast on Friday, it is shown that Vithika and Baba Bhaskar take part in the final level task to win the medal.

So both of them have been given two plates of green chilies and asked to eat. It is just not so easy to swallow and gulp down at least one chili. We could see the sweating due to the spice and burning sensation of the tongue. Their fellow contestants were seen helping them by putting a child water glass on their face to make them feel better.

Vithika and Baba were seen controlling their tears from rolling down their cheeks, but it was visible that Baba started crying very soon. The audience is wondering why Bigg Boss gave them such a task which is so difficult to do.

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