Punarnavi's Leg Pulled By Nagarjuna; Housemates Can't Control Laughter

By - October 06, 2019 - 02:00 PM IST

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On Saturday, as a part of the weekend episode, Nagarjuna was seen making fun with all the contestants by pulling their leg keeping various instances of the house in mind. As a part of this, he pulled Punarnavi Bhupalam’s leg more than anyone else in the house.

Once again, he asks her why she used cuss words, and also said that she is using some new words. All this was about Rahul and the rest of the contestants couldn’t stop laughing.

Also, he asked her why she did not know that Rahul was crying in the smoking-room after feeling homesick. He asked her why she made such a big issue for one cup of Dettol that he used to clean the bathrooms. He said a lot more to her and asked Rahul whether it is true and he said, “Whatever she says has to happen and she is like that.” So finally, the episode ended on a happy note.

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