Bigg Boss Celebrates Birthday With Housemates

By - October 11, 2019 - 10:46 AM IST

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On the occasion of Bigg Boss’ birthday, the housemates were asked to celebrate his birthday by sending some cakes into the house. Four cakes were sent into the house and each contestant was given huge two pieces each and they were asked to eat it every time the buzzer rings, and they have to finish it. The contestants, after eating a few bites just crashed on the bed as they couldn’t handle too much of sweet.

Also, Sreemukhi was like, “I don’t want to eat cake anymore in my life. I am just done with this.” Even Varun was so sick of the cakes that he started asking his wife Vithika to eat his remaining share.

On the other side, Rahul just couldn’t get up from where he was because he couldn’t believe that he ate so much. Also, they were given tasks to dance. Vithika and Shiva Jyothi were asked to jump into the swimming pool every time the buzzer is given and dance in it. On the whole, the birthday party went well.

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