Sree Mukhi, Why Rahul? Why Not Baba Bhaskar?

By - October 15, 2019 - 03:00 PM IST

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Sree Mukhi herself feeling like she is the number one contestant in the present Bigg Boss 3 reality show. But, she has tried to occupy the second position, in which Rahul Sipligunj stands.

Though the number one slot was filled with Baba Bhaskar, she has a chance to request Baba Bhaskar and of course Baba Bhaskar is ready to give the slot to Sree Mukhi. Here, Sree Mukhi’s intention is clear. She wants to eliminate Rahul Sipligunj and she has tried for it. But, Sree Mukhi has failed to dominate Rahul Sipligunj as he also defends himself very well over Sree Mukhi.

However, at last, Sree Mukhi has got the number one position by occupying the number one position. Here, Sree Mukhi has treated Baba Bhaskar as ‘bakara’.

Meanwhile, no contestant was saved from nominations all because of the ugly fight of Siva Jyothi.

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