Bigg Boss Gives Shock To Sreemukhi And Her Mother

By - October 18, 2019 - 10:38 AM IST

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In the latest episode of Bigg Boss, it is seen that Sreemukhi’s mother Latha enters the house and that’s when Bigg Boss asks Sreemukhi to freeze. Latha will be calling her daughter as ‘Papa…’ and immediately, Bigg Boss asks her to leave the house from the same way she came in.

With a heavy heart, Latha leaves the house and Sreemukhi breaks into tears. She cries so loudly that her voice sounds irritating. Also, many of the audience thought that Sreemukhi was doing over action.

Later, her mom finally came from the confession room and this girl hugged her mom tight. She took her mom into the courtyard room and did not allow anyone to come inside. She told Vithika not to let anyone come there and asked for some privacy. She mentioned her not to allow Baba Bhaskar at all. Later she introduced everyone to her mother.

Sreemukhi’s mom told them not to fight with each other at least for the next two weeks and said that she doesn’t want to see them fighting. Also, she told them that when they fight in the house, parents would get hurt.

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