Karthi And Vijay, Who Has That Scope?

By - October 21, 2019 - 05:00 PM IST

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Two Tamil movies are getting ready to hit theaters on this Diwali and of course, both of them are also hitting screens in Telugu states on the same day. One is Khaidi and the other one is Bigil.

While Karthi has played the main lead in Khaidi, Tamil hero Vijay has portrayed the main lead in Bigil. Nayanthara is romancing Vijay for Bigil. Karthi has no leading lady in Khaidi. So, the glamour factor stands with Bigil and it is going to be the major plus point for Vijay.

However, Vijay has not much good market in Tollywood when compared with Karthi. Of course, Karthi has tasted bitter results with his previous films at the Telugu box office.

In this scenario, trade pundits from Tollywood are eagerly waiting for the clash between Khaidi and Bigil. The slight advantage stands with Karthi and there is no doubt in it, one of the trade pundits expressed his view.

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