Bigg Title Locked For Siva Jyothi?

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Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu is creating vibes all over but for negative reasons. As there is nothing mentioning about votes of respective contestants while elimination, many of Bigg Boss's followers are suspecting the process of eviction.

The latest shock occurred for Vithika Sheru, who has eliminated on Sunday’s episode. Many of Bigg Boss viewers have expected that Vithika is one of the top 5 contenders for the title. But, things went wrong.

It is known that due to Siva Jyothi’s over action only, Vithika and all other contestants have nominated for the elimination process.

However, elimination was done and Vithika Sheru was evicted. But, who is going to be eliminated next week? Those who make an argument with Siva Jyothi, they will eliminate from the house. In this scenario, many netizens are saying as Siva Jyothi was locked for the BB3 Telugu title.

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