Ali Reza Gets Trolled Mercilessly

By - October 22, 2019 - 03:30 PM IST

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Ali Reza is getting trolled mercilessly for his aggressiveness against Baba Bhaskar in the Bigg Task, which was assigned by Bigg Boss. Though the episode hasn’t telecasted yet, the promo is making sensational vibes all over.

While participating in a task, Ali Reza is fighting like a WWE fighter with Baba Bhaskar. Baba Bhaskar is known for very calm, humorous and of course energetic in the Bigg House. Ali also had a good relationship with Baba Bhaskar. But, when it comes to the task, Ali Reza is always crossing the border.

Meanwhile, many of Ali Reza fans are worrying about their beloved contestants. “It is just a task and we are going to witness the full episode in just a matter of hours. Don’t come to any conclusion about Ali Reza’s aggressive nature against Baba Bhaskar’, followers of Ali Reza are saying.

“Arey Bigg Boss loki dunnapothuni pampindi evaru ra.. adi task la ledu.. WWE fight anukuntunnadu Ali Reza” one of the Bigg Boss followers expressed his view.

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