Kamma Rajyamlo? Trailer Is Nothing Less Than An Atom Bomb

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The trailer of Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Redlu, a Ram Gopal Varma directorial is unveiled on the occasion of Diwali and all the eyes are on the trailer itself. Just like RGV said, the film is an atom bomb which going to blast a lot of other things.

Going by the trailer, it is understood that the film is all about Chandra Babu Naidu trying to dethrone CM Jagan by following some unlawful and ethical process. Though RGV claims that none of the characters in the film resemble any living person on this earth, it is easily understood by their dressing and costume on whom is he trying to target and tell the audience.

While Chief Minister Jagan is the protagonist, Chandra Babu Naidu is the antagonist of the film. The trailer is pretty interesting and we have an actor who plays the role of our very dearest Pawan Kalyan. Definitely, people of Andhra Pradesh are going to connect to this film and others too, as they know what is happening everywhere.

It is very much doubtful whether the film gets passed by the Censor Board or not. Let us see.

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