Bigg Boss:Contestants Have Fun With Suma

By - October 29, 2019 - 10:00 AM IST

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Contestants of Bigg Boss saw a special guest in the house on the occasion of Deepavali. They had a lot of fun with this special guest and celebrated the festival. This special guest is none other than anchor Suma Kanakala. When the music was playing, the contestants understood that someone special is going to come to the house and when Suma entered the house by covering her face with the dupatta, contestants thought that it was Tamanna Simhadri. Well, it looked so too.

Suma went on a trip to the house and has observed every single inch of the house just to see how it is. From the kitchen to the bathroom, she almost saw every single detail. When she went into the kitchen, contestants said, “That kitchen is Baba Bhaskar’s kingdom. He doesn’t let anyone else come there and cook. Only he wants to cook and doesn’t even eat if anyone else cooks. Since day 1, only he has been there.”

On the whole, all of them had fun together by playing some games. 

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