Varun Sandesh, 2 Bigg Minus Points

By - October 30, 2019 - 04:30 PM IST

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One of the strong contenders for BB3 Telugu title is none other than Varun Sandesh and of course, he has already bagged the ‘tag’ Gentle Men. However, he was also named as ‘fruit’ in the house at the early days of BB3 Telugu.

Coming to the actual point, the fight with Mahesh Vitta and the argument with Rahul Sipligunj regarding a task are the major minus points for Varun Sandesh as of now, many of Bigg Boss viewers are saying.

More interesting is, both in two cases, the main reason for Varun’s loss of control was his wife Vithika Sheru and everyone agrees with it.

Apart from these two major minus points, Varun Sandesh is a cool guy and of course, he is the strongest among other contestants in Bigg House as of now. We have to wait and see, what will happen on 3rd November, the finale of BB3 Telugu.

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