Rowdy Hero To Produce Another Flick?

By - November 06, 2019 - 07:00 AM IST

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Rowdy Hero Vijay Deverakonda has tasted bitter result with his maiden production venture Meeku Maathrame Cheptha, which was released couple of days ago. Though Vijay did his best in terms of promotions, poor making values and lack of content caused the bad result.

On the other hand, there are lots of rumors saying as it is Vijay Deverakonda’s father, who is behind all this. In this scenario, it is learned that Vijay Deverakonda is in plans of doing another film in his own production soon.

In the meantime, it is also learned that Vijay has bagged profits with the film Meeku Maathrame Cheptha as he has sold it in a massive manner. But, distributors and exhibitors are worrying very badly and they are pressurizing Vijay regarding their losses.

However, Vijay hasn’t responded about the disastrous result of Meeku Maathrame Cheptha as of now.

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