Why Is Pradeep Away From TV shows?

By - November 08, 2019 - 05:00 PM IST

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Pradeep Machiraju is one of the most popular and busiest TV anchors in Telugu. He's made a name for himself with his comedy timing and decent punches. In a very short time, Pradeep has emerged as most-sought-after anchors in Tollywood. But, the popular anchor suddenly disappeared from TV shows and it's been more than a month he didn't come back. Certainly, audiences and curious social media users have begun to inquire about his absence in TV shows.

Speculation in circulation indicates that he is away from TV shows due to a health issue, and few people of social media discuss that Pradeep had met with a serious accident and he is in recovery mode. Amidst this confusion, another popular TV host Ravi confirmed that 'Pradeep is taking rest due to some health problem and he will be back to shoot in a month'. Still, there is no end to directorate speculations on Pradeep. 

So, to clear the air, Pradeep himself did a live video on social media. 'All the rumors about my health are faux pas and I urge everyone not to believe them. Firstly, I thank everyone who is enquiring about my wellbeing. Just a few days ago, I suffered a minor leg fracture while shooting a show. I continued the shoot and ignored the injury, but it has troubled me later. So, doctors have suggested taking complete bed rest. That's the reason why I am unable to attend the shoot. I am enjoying my days at home by watching TV' - said Pradeep by adding 'Look how my beard and mustache has grown now!'

Fans and audiences are happy to know that Pradeep is healthy and recuperating. We also wish him a speedy recovery.

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