Arjun Suravaram's Satirical Promotion!

By - November 17, 2019 - 09:56 AM IST

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Young hero Nikhil Siddarth finally is hitting theaters on 29th of November with Arjun Suravaram, which was directed by TN Santosh. The latest promotional video from Arjun Suravaram is making big sound as it was designed in a satirical way.

In the video, hero Nikhil tries hard to make Vennela Kishore believe that Arjun Suravaram is hitting screens on 29th November. It shows, how desperately Nikhil is waiting for the film’s release.

It is known that the film was first titled as Mudra, but due to unavoidable reasons, the title was changed to Arjun Suravaram. Though the film was earlier planned for release in 2018 only, lots of hurdles caused postponement many times.

The film has Lavanya Tripathi as love interest of Nikhil Siddardha.

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