Trending Song From Inspiring Film George Reddy

By - November 27, 2019 - 11:00 AM IST

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The special thing about the Telugu audience is that they have an ear for good music and catchy tunes. Given that, there have been instances when movies had trash storylines but still, they worked at the box office purely due to their songs. The number of musical hits has been quite high in the Telugu circuit.

Now, one film has been sinking down but it is able to catch the attention due to one song. We are talking about the latest release ‘George Reddy’ featuring Sandeep Madhav. Though it came in with a good hype, it failed to entice the audience. While the film looks as good as ready to exit the theatres, here is a consolation.

A song which goes ‘Vaadu nadipe bandi royal enfieldu...’ has struck a chord with the public. Penned by Mittapalli Surendar and music composed by Suresh Bobbili the noted Telangana singer Mangli rendered her voice for this number. The reason for this to attract the crowds is due to the retro style it has. Now that it has become a chartbuster the makers should have some respite.

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